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New Farm Holidays: A Family Tradition of Camping and Farming

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We’re the Edwards family, and we’ve been farming the land in Wrangle, near Boston, since the 1700s. In 1988, New Farm Organics became a certified organic farm, producing delicious and wholesome cereals, vegetables, and beef.

Our love for the outdoors extends beyond farming. We’re passionate caravanners too. In fact, Jane Edwards (our beloved grandmother, family leader, and fountain of wisdom) sparked this love back in the 1950s with a family caravanning trip to Scotland. Since then, caravanning adventures have been a cherished family tradition.

Read more about how our family’s love of caravanning, which began in the 1950s

Sharing our love of the land with you

Inspired by our own experiences, we decided to create a space for others to enjoy the beauty of rural Lincolnshire. Our holiday venture, while new, is built on generations of experience and a deep respect for nature.

Choose your perfect escape

Whether you prefer the simplicity of our Caravan & Motorhome Club CL site or the comfort of our New Camping Pods nestled within our 30-acre woodland campsite, we offer a variety of options to suit your camping style.

Relaxation with a touch of luxury

We understand the importance of comfort while enjoying the outdoors. We’ve strived to create a relaxing environment with first-class facilities, ensuring your escape to the countryside remains truly unforgettable.

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What our customers say

New Farm: A Potted History

The urge for open skies and flowing water gripped Dad in the late 1950s. Fresh out of World War II, thankfully, with his body intact, the emotional scars remained. After the war, he joined the family corn merchant business in Boston with his brothers. Holidays weren’t a priority, and I doubt Mum even got a say in our upcoming caravan adventure.

Yet, my sister Lis and I vividly remember picking up a “Bluebird” caravan from a garage. A week’s rental secured, we paid and towed it home, buzzing with excitement!

Mum, bless her heart, meticulously wrapped every plate and bowl, cramming them under a bunk – a task I’m sure she might politely dispute we “helped” with. Blankets, sheets, pots, and cutlery – everything squeezed under the bunks, top cupboards being a luxury back then.
A gas cylinder fuelled the two-burner stove, grill, and gas mantle lights. Two metal water carriers were essential, and most importantly for Dad – fly fishing rods! Scotland awaited. “Off we go!” boomed Dad, singing “Poop, Poop, the open road.”

Caravans were a rare sight on the road, so waves exchanged with fellow travellers held a special camaraderie. Basic toilets, often just a hole in the ground, were quickly “upgraded” by Mum’s ingenious homemade privy.

Carolyn Edwards.
Farm Manager and your holiday representative at New Farm Holidays.

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Innovation Meets Tranquillity: Creating Your Escape at New Farm Holidays

At New Farm Holidays, we understand the desire to escape the everyday and reconnect with nature. That’s why we’ve carefully designed our offerings to cater to a variety of needs.

Camping Pods: A Modern Twist on a Classic Experience:

Looking for a comfortable camping experience with a touch of luxury? Our recently installed camping pods offer the perfect solution. Nestled amidst our 30-acre woodland campsite, these insulated pods provide a cosy and stylish base for your rural adventure. Equipped with electricity and furnished with comfortable beds, they’re ideal for families or couples seeking a unique getaway.

Caravan & Motorhome Club CL: A Peaceful Oasis for Touring Enthusiasts

For caravan and motorhome owners seeking a peaceful stopover, our Caravan & Motorhome Club Certificated Location (CL) offers a perfect base. Located in a quiet corner of our farm, away from the main campsite, the CL boasts five spacious pitches with electric hook-ups. The tranquil setting allows you to truly unwind and soak in the beauty of the Lincolnshire countryside. While the Caravan & Motorhome CL site doesn’t have shower or toilet facilities, these essentials are readily available in the nearby campsite building, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

A Place for Everyone:

New Farm Holidays welcomes everyone! Whether you’re a family with young children seeking an adventure getaway, a group of friends planning a hen party celebration, or simply a solo traveller yearning for peace and quiet, we offer something for everyone.

Relax by the crackling fire pit under a star-filled sky, explore the beauty of the Lincolnshire countryside, or reconnect with nature in our 30-acre woodland camping retreat. Your escape awaits!

Bringing Connectivity to a Secluded Retreat:

We recognise that even in the heart of nature, staying connected can be important. That’s why we’ve invested in innovative solutions to bring you reliable Wi-Fi access throughout the campsite and the Caravan & Motorhome CL site. Now, you can share your memories with loved ones back home or stay connected for work emails, all while enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside.

Waterside Bliss:

For those yearning for a truly immersive experience, our waterside camping pods offer an unparalleled connection with nature. Wake up to the gentle sounds of the pond and spend your days exploring the surrounding woodland. These pods are perfect for a romantic retreat or a peaceful escape for solo travellers.

Woodland Camping:

For the traditional camping enthusiast, our 30-acre woodland campsite offers a variety of tent pitches. Whether you prefer a secluded spot amongst the trees or a more open area for family fun and socialising, we have the perfect pitch for your group.

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