About Us

Welcome to New Farm Holidays from the Edwards Family.  We offer a choice of holidays on either our Caravan Club 5-Van CL or at our campsite in our newly installed camping pods.  All based on our farm in rural Lincolnshire.  Lincolnshire is a great county with lots to offer and we are keen to share it with you.

We’ve been in the farming business for a very long time.  Our family has been farming in Wrangle, near Boston since the 1700s.  New Farm Organics has been a certified organic farm since 1988, producing organic cereals, vegetables and beef.

Our holiday business is a relatively new venture, but one that we have put all of our passion and energy behind.  We’re lucky we have lots of good experience to draw upon.  Farmers might not get many days off a year, but the ones we do have are mostly spent caravanning!  Jane Edwards (grandmother, matriarch and purveyor of wisdom) started caravanning in the late fifties, after her father hired a “Bluebird” for a week and pointed the family North towards Scotland and the mountains.  We have all been active caravanners ever since.

Thankfully caravanning is a little easier these days and we have made every effort to provide you with first class facilities, whilst taking care to preserve the rural and unspoilt nature of your holiday experience.

A family history of Caravanning

Our caravanning experiences started in the late fifties when dear father felt the need for the open road and running water.  The answer was obvious and the decision made.

Dad with privvy

Father had been a volunteer in Word War II and had returned, thankfully physically unhurt, but of course emotionally scarred.  After the war he joined the family corn merchants’ of Robert Ostler in Boston in partnership with his two brothers.

Holidays weren’t thought of at that time and I’m not even sure Mum was consulted about our forthcoming caravan holiday.  But my sister, Lis and I remember going to a garage to pick up a Bluebird caravan.  Father had hired it for a week, so we paid the money and towed it back home to pack up.  Great excitement!

Mum, Lis and I on our first caravanning holiday

Mum wrapped all of the plates and bowls up in paper and stowed them under a bunk.  I think we helped in our own sort of way.  I’m not sure Mum would have agreed.

Blankets and sheets, saucepans and cutlery all had to be packed under the bunks; there were no top cupboards in those days.

Lis and I carrying water camping

A gas cylinder was needed for the two-ringed burner and grill and also for the gas mantles that provided the lights.  Two metal water carriers were also packed and most important of all, fly fishing rods.  And we were off.  To Scotland.  “Poop, Poop, the open road” sang Father.

Whenever we met another caravan, which was very rare, we all waved to each other.

The toilet facilities were very basic.  A hole in the ground was quickly superseded by Mum’s homemade privy.

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