Camping with WIFI Makes Our Site a True Home From Home

Camping with WIFI Makes Our Site a True Home From Home
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While the idea of a ‘digital detox’ seems reasonable and doable, in reality, camping without WIFI access can be a frustrating experience. You don’t want to spend your entire break glued to screens. But if you want to upload photos and videos of your stay, fire off a quick email, or watch an episode of your favourite Netflix show in your holiday downtime, patchy or no-existent internet can be a cause of stress.
Here’s why we think camping with WIFI makes our site a true home from home.

You Can Stay Connected with the World

Quite often, campsites sell the idea of a ‘digital detox,’ and spending time off the grid. We’re not denying that this can be good for body and soul. However, we’ve stayed in holiday lets with no WIFI and it makes everything very frustrating. We couldn’t send a quick work email and get back to our ‘holiday stuff.’

Looking for places to go and getting directions without the internet was hard work. And don’t even mention not being able to chill out and watch Netflix in our much-needed down-time!

You can get away from the chaos of your busy life but stay connected with the world. Camping with WIFI helps you do exactly that.

You Can Share Your Experiences

You don’t need to share absolutely everything on Instagram, but when you’re staying in beautiful natural surroundings with plenty of wildlife, you might want to upload and share videos and photos with friends and family.

Without WIFI it’s impossible, but with internet access, you can share your best camping experiences and moments.

Camping with WIFI Helps You Stay in Touch with Work

We are absolutely not advocating working on holiday. But at the absolute minimum, you should be able to read and fire off the odd email.

It can be a bit panic-inducing to leave work behind completely for a week and having internet access where you’re staying helps you stay in the loop and on top of things.

It Helps You Avoid Stress

While constant social media scrolling and information overload can make you feel stressed, so can not being able to do those things that the internet makes easy. Camping is a fun activity and there are plenty of things to see and do close to our campsite. However, there will be times when you just want to kick back and do nothing.

That might involve watching a TV show, planning what you’re going to do tomorrow, or just browsing online. If you’re camping with WIFI you can do all of this and more.

Without WIFI, you might just experience the stress and frustration you came camping to avoid!

We Now Have WIFI at New Farm Holidays!

We want our site to be a true home from home, and offering WIFI is a big part of that. Yes, some customers are looking from an escape from the chaos of their busy lives, but that doesn’t mean they want to be completely disconnected from the world.

If you’ve thought about a camping holiday before but you decided against it because you’d have no amenities like WIFI, we’ve got you covered.

Stay with us and you can keep in touch with the world, whether that’s sending an email to the office, getting directions to a must-see tourist attraction, or watching that cliff-hanger episode of your favourite show.

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