Are the campsite toilets open?

Are the campsite toilets open?
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If you come to stay with us camping or glamping our toilets are open. Covid restrictions ease so that we can reopen on 12th April where facilities are not shared.

We’ve limited bookings to ensure this. Clearly the Deluxe En Suite Camping Pods do this best. But we’ve allowed a small number of camping and glamping bookings during this period where each booking will not be sharing a loo with anyone else.

We have hand sanitiser outside each toilet and shower block. And you’ll be washing your hands anyway as you leave the loo.

It is not that we don’t want to go to Glastonbury Festival is it. The music and the atmosphere would be amazing. But we don’t want to have to use THOSE loos do we! It’s the stuff of actual nightmares.

If you haven’t been camping or glamping before I think you want an extra glimpse of the place we all like to hide out in to read our phones and escape the children.

High quality campsite toilets

We take pride in our loos on site. They are all bright, clean and flushing. We don’t want you to be “roughing it”. The showers are hot and powerful.

Because we love our campsite loos so much we’ve twinned them! Toilet Twinning is a great charity we’re proud to support. By twinning a toilet we are helping to give people access to water and sanitation. Families no longer need to squat in a bush. Girls and women are safer because they can stay close to home.

Also new for this year, our loo roll is coming from Who Gives a Crap. Who Gives a Crap donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

Come and spend a penny in peace!

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